Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i'm looking for Christmas

as many of you, i'm sure, i've been eager for the holidays to arrive. i LOVE Christmas, but i don't let myself get into it until after Thanksgiving.

i have a strict rule about playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving has passed, and then, well, it's pretty much all-Christmas, all the time. i have a weakness for Christmas tunes, a sickness perhaps. the "holiday" genre makes up the majority of my itunes library. it's at the point where i can walk in just about any store during the season and tell you the album playing. not just the song + artist--the ALBUM. it's pretty impressive when you consider that I am, admittedly, a music moron. just ask my husband. it's uncanny the way my ability to match notes over the airwaves to artist + album appears for only 4 weeks of the year.

but this year, the spirit, well, i don't know where it is. i haven't been bitten by the bug yet. the tree isn't up. heck, it's still in the attic. i thought a holiday concoction from *bucks would put me over the edge. nope. a post-Thanksgiving trip to the mall to absorb some energy. didn't work. buying a dress for my work party, nah (despite it being super cute and shiny). shopping for gifts for our adopted Salvation Army Angel last night? it helped a little, but still not there.

this morning, i thought i was over the hump. the Angel's musical toys were serenading me along the way to work. with each turn or pothole or sudden stop, a few notes played on the toddler's piano toy. it definitely put me in a good mood, and i even called hubs to tell him about it. chuckles all around. but no magic.

is it because i sorta cheated and listened to the House of Fifty's holiday playlist early? (it's amazing by the way) breaking my own rule? surely there's no such thing as Christmas karma.

whether i've been bitten or not by this friday night, the tree is going up. the garland's being hung. the stockings go into place. we'll sip bailey's + milk. "elf" will be on the TV. holiday tunes will be blaring.

what are your tips for catching your fa-la-la-la?

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