Wednesday, November 23, 2011

great scott! it's goodwill.

this week i've been perusing goodwill in search of tabletop decor, and i took the day friday to spend at scott's antique market's monthly show.

at scott's, i only have the budget for the South building. and, really, i like their stuff much more anyway. it's been said that the North building dealers often shop the South building on the first day, then mark up their finds to resell during the show! i got there early and browsed around. i could've spent 5 more hours there, but i had a new baby to visit.

here are some finds!
this chippy door has a bright future, so stay tuned.
[oddly, yet precisely perfect, sized door. future project reveal coming!]

[silver trophy. not sure what KLDN&Y Champions means, but it's charming]

[former churn from a creamery turned umbrella stand]

[warty gourds + oversized gourds]

[big ole gourds]
i was fulfilling a personal shopping mission for my boss, too. she needed a trophy to hold her wine at an annual horse racing social event. for $15, this should do the trick. it's nice and solid, too. others were more than $80 and this guy was looking to get rid of it, as he'd bought a whole set. score!
[trophy cup/wine chiller for my boss]
at goodwill, i scored a set of 6 gold chargers. see that original price tag? $25 a pop. see the price scratched onto the back? $2.22 each. nicely done. that's a total savings of $136.68. (who on earth paid $25 for each of these suckers in the first place??)
*granted, my local target has gold and silver versions for $1.95. i bought the silver ones, but these are much heavier and more solid quality.*
[goodwill steal #1]

a pair of brass candlesticks. i really liked the size + scale of these. after a bit of polish, they brightened right up! yep, that says $2.29.
[goodwill steal #2]


  1. Excellent finds. I love the trophy and the door!

  2. fabulous finds! i want some brass candlesticks real bad. can't wait to see what you do with the door.