Friday, November 4, 2011

thanksgiving menu

well, i think the turkey day menu is pretty much set. i can't believe i haven't blogged incessantly about how excited i am to host it again this year. we hosted a small gathering of cricket's folks, aunt, and g-pa a few years ago, but this year, we're upping the ante since we're in our new house.

here's a peak at the menu.

i'll be sharing the individual recipes in the coming weeks, as i'm going back to the tried & true menu from our last thanksgiving. the recipes are easy to make-ahead & juggle the stovetop/oven space puzzle. besides, it was possibly some of the yummiest food i've ever eaten. cricket smoked the turkey on the big green egg and it was easily the most delicious turkey i've ever had in my mouth. ever. and i'm not a huge fan of turkey.

with all the family in town, i'd rather be enjoying a glass of wine + visiting than bustling away in the kitchen.

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  1. I will be reading your recipes - I am hosting for the first time this year. eeeek!