Tuesday, November 15, 2011

animal house

** update 11/16/11: i saw that Sears will have a Black Friday special on the DC25 animal, priced at just $399. (see page 13 of the scanned flyer) that's a $200 savings! if you've been waiting for it, now is the time. it looks like it's good fri & sat while supplies last. costco will also have it for $100 off the listed price of $469, so an even better deal if you're a costco member.  sears also has a deal on the non-animal dc24 for $299. **

yes, folks. we are now officially an animal house. not in the sense of keg stands + panty raids, but in the sense of the dyson. 

we held a garage sale a few weeks ago with an end goal in mind: the dyson dc25 animal!!

i love my husband. and i love that my husband loves to vacuum. it makes us a good pair.

so i don't know much about our old vacuum except that i bought it 5+ years ago & it had an awesome pet hair attachment. it wasn't anything top of the line, by any means. but it worked very well and kept Lula from ruining my new "grown up" furniture. after a few years, the sucking power, well, sucked. and not in the way is was supposed to.

these days, cricket prefers the shop vac to our vacuum cleaner, so it gets awfully loud on cleaning days. but at least it works.

so sears had them on sale online, so away we went. we made just enough in the yard sale to cover the sale price of $439.99 (regularly $599.99). of course, when we got to the store, it was listed at full price. the handy-dandy iphone came to the rescue and the clerk confirmed the sale price. apparently, each register has a little flyer, but they haven't marked anything in the store--weird.

i guess it goes to show the value of shopping (or researching) online. i wonder what other deals may have been in the store that were invisible to the uninformed eye?

[cricket assembling his new toy. what's not to love about a man so excited over a vacuum?]
so of course we he used it immediately. i even took her for a spin. the ball's swivel steering took some getting used to, but it picked up everything in its path. the foot mechanism is kinda funky, but that's no big deal.

and here's the little hair monster, not sure what she's got coming.

["i will conquer you, dyson."]

we are dog-hair-free!! at least until Lula scratches. but i furminated her this weekend, so hopefully there's a little life left to the fur-free zone. i'm crossing my fingers that this means we can return the shop vac to the basement. otherwise, i may need some creative ideas for how to turn it into a nightstand in our guest room.

our couch has never looked newer (even when it was delivered), and it's sucked up SOOOOO much hair from the jute rug--which is a pain to clean. it's a winner winner chicken dinner.

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  1. oh em gee. that is such a good idea. with the imminent move, a yard sale is a must. and this vacuum cleaner is now an angel waiting for me in my future. i love to vacuum, sweep, shopvac, mop - all things floor cleaning related...so i can't believe i haven't bought a dyson already. and with a giant lab and a chow mix? yeah. this is something i actually NEED.